Belfast Airport seized 2 tons of foodstuffs

Everyone had such a situation when you are on vacation in a chic restaurant and the dining room you are fed so that it is simply impossible to eat everything and have to take the meal to the hotel room.

Moreover, many take this food to their homeland. Because of such people, Belfast airport workers confiscated as many as 2 tons of food in 2019. Few people know that foreign food and plants pose a particular danger to the agri-food sector.

The Department of Agriculture makes sure that ensures the importation of products into Ireland does not exceed the norm.

Interesting that only in July, airport employees seized 300 kg of food. Further, of course, nobody eats this edible, they put it in a special huge freezer and there it waits until it can be eradicated.

Many of the food withdrawal come from China or Eastern Europe where the pig virus is most prevalent. It is also milk products and, according to the head of the veterinary service, they will always try to get these kinds of products.

But there are also some exceptions such as fish. On one condition that it is gutted, clean and tested, as well as its weight is not more than 15 kg.

Of course, people don’t like when their products are taken away, but we always try to make them understand that their safety is above all.