Health and fitness: Greatest apps for your iPhone in 2019

Health apps are becoming more popular among millions of iPhone users worldwide. How can you make going in for sports more fun and entertaining? Pick up these apps and get the maximum of your training!

Best fitness apps for your iPhone

  • Calm app is the best solution for those, who enjoy yoga and meditation. The app offers numerous sessions for both beginners and experienced users. Enjoy different breathing techniques, listen to the sounds of nature and relax.
  • The more steps you make, the more coins you get. This rule comes for Sweatcoin app for iPhone. You can spend your coins for sending gift cards, electronics and much more. Get an additional incentive for training harder.
  • Nike and Training club. The app offers a number of the greatest workouts of numerous celebrities. You can also track your performance, as well as exercise habits.
  • The app is ready to provide you with relaxing meditation sessions any time day and night. As an additional bonus, you can choose the purpose of your mediation from sleep to exercise and focus. Headspace also offers some meditations for kids.