How Google Pixel 3XL is Different from its Predecessor

The Google company has recently announced the official information about it Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL smartphones. This is time to learn about differences from the previous version if you are going to preorder this device.

The back of the Pixel 3XL is very similar to 2XL, but there are a few different details. The Pixel 2XL version was made out of metal but it had the top glass panel when all the panels of 3XL are made from glass.

Pixel 3XL is also water-resistant like its predecessor, but its rating shows that it can be more water-resistant than Pixel 2XL. The company also decided to improve the speakers, now they can are much louder and provide you with rich sound.

The dimensions of these two versions are very similar but Pixel 3XL is heavier than its predecessor. When 2XL had 175g of weight, the 3XL version has the weight of 184g.

Pixel 3XL provides you with the wider display as it has the 6.3-inch screen. It also has the more powerful version of the chipset, Snapdragon 845.

If you are going to buy this device in US stores, you need to wait until October 18. If this device is too big and expensive for you, you can just buy a smaller and cheaper Google Pixel 3 version.