How to solve the issues with low disk space

Even if you have a lot of space on your drive, the size of your files will grow constantly. If you are downloading movies or install big applications, you will see a message about low disk space soon. To avoid it, you should clean your drive from time to time.

To check how much free space you have now, click the Start button and open Settings. After that, click System and go to the Storage section. There you will see if your drive contains too many files so it needs to be cleaned.

First of all, get rid of temporary files. Open Storage settings, select This PC – Temporary files. Check which files you are ready to remove and click Remove files. If you don’t understand which files to delete, call the specialists to guide you.

You should also try uninstalling big programs that take much space but you don’t use them. Open the Settings, go to Apps, and open Apps and Features. There you can find almost all installed apps and how big they are. Delete the programs that are not needed for you.

You can also scan your drive for big but unnecessary files. Delete them or make a backup on another drive. If you don’t use these files too often but still need them, you may consider using cloud storages that save space on your drive.