Issues with new iPhones Charging is Now Fixed

It was reported earlier that many owners of the latest iPhone devices experienced problems with charging. Their iPhones weren’t charging while the screen was asleep so they needed to turn it on every time or use the wireless charging to keep the batteries at 100%.

Apple responded to these reports and said that they will fix this issue in the next release of iOS. Now to can install in as any other iPhone updates to fix this issue and charge your device normally. This is mostly relevant to use users of the latest devices, iPhone XS and XS Max.

The updated version is iOS 12.0.1 and it has already been released. The size of the update is big and you need to download 104MB to fix the problem. However, it also contains fixes for other issues, like rejoining WiFi networks at 2.4GHz if the device can do it at 5GHz or changing the position of 123 key on the keyboard.

By downloading this update, you can fix the issue where subtitles didn’t appear in some videos. As the company states, you can also fix problems with the Bluetooth connection if your device had them. To download and use all these fixes, open the settings of your device, select General, and go to Software Update.