Microsoft ‘warning’ – it is just a test or is it not?

There was a new warning released by Microsoft for those who use Windows 10 OS. It is too soon to tell whether the test failed but as for now the company took the warning away. The rumors say that they understood their mistake and it was just a mere test but the users are not that certain about it since there is rarely a chance that such a huge company makes mistakes.

So what was the warning about? As a matter of fact, Windows 10 users were to be convinced to change their current Chrome or Firefox browsers to Edge one which is built-in. The most curious thing is that this warning appeared when the stated Google browsers were active, what is more, it has been said that Google browsers drain your battery a lot faster than Edge browser.

What is more, the Mail customers were instructed to try out Edge as well, and that is when the negative feedback was flushed on the company. As for now, all the changes are reversed, but it is still unclear whether it was really a mere test or there is an unpleasant update coming together with the Windows 10 October 2018 Update. Judging by the feedback the changes weren’t warmly welcome but no one knows whether that will affect the company’s decision.