The Best Anti-Malware Programs

If you need to get rid of viruses and ads, you should use the Anti-Malware software. It helps you to scan drives for malware, find viruses, and delete them until they did any harm to your device. There are many such programs and you can learn more about them from this article.

Bitdefender Antivirus. It has a very friendly interface so it will be convenient for you even if you haven’t used malware programs earlier. Its interface is also simple and doesn’t have unnecessary elements. However, it’s free version doesn’t have any settings that can be customized.

AVG Antivirus. It also has free versions for different platforms. There are many settings of this app that you can configure. This program also writes logs about found viruses and other malware. However, it usually works a little bit slow and doesn’t protect you from phishing.

Malwarebytes. Except for viruses, it also detects adware in different applications and other threats. It doesn’t conflict with your antivirus like many other anti-adware programs. But it doesn’t have on-demand scans and might conflict with security apps.

SpyBot. It also has anti-malware and anti-adware functionality. It is also very simple and you don’t have to spend much time to understand how it works.