The Best Image Converters

Although all the popular operating systems support most of the image files types, sometimes users experience problems with different formats. If you often edit images and are looking for good picture converters, here you will learn more on them.

Total Image Converter. It was designed for Windows users so it will be convenient for them. It has a simple interface and you will understand how to use it even if you see it for the first time. There are also many other additional features for images editing.

XnConvert. It also lets you add files, change their format and other settings, and then convert these files to the needed type. You can customize the converter settings and use additional features of this program.

Fast Stone Photo Resizer. It allows you not only resize any images, but also change their format, convert to other types, apply different filters, and add special watermarks. You can work with batches of files and that helps you to convert them more quickly, especially if you have hundreds of images to process. For example, RWBY Wallpapers hosted at Lequzhai – photo hosting.

Adapter. It has a very simple interface for use. It also supports the dragging and dropping files, you just need to move them from any place and select the desired format before converting.