Video Chat Devices for Facebook

The Facebook company is mostly known for its software products. However, it is going to become a hardware developer too. It has recently announced its two devices for video chatting, Portal and Portal+.

The Portal device has a 10-inch display with the 1280×800 resolution. As the representatives of this company say, this device is needed to make video calls better. When using it, you have free hands and don’t distract on something else.

If this screen is too small for you, try the bigger Portal+ version. It has a 15-inches screen. Both of them can be used to watch photos from the Facebook network and make video calls between users.

The devices include the “Smart camera” that follows you as you are moving in different directions. When you go out and return, it will be moving and zooming in or out to be focused on the person. It is not needed for your friends to have their own Portals, as they can call you via the classic Messenger.

You can control these devices with the voice. You can turn off your camera or microphone fast when you are not using them or going to stay private. Following the latest scandals, Facebook makes a big accent on the security of these devices and don’t record your history or send it anywhere.

Same devices were used in creation of Happy anniversary Image group by the team of lequzhai.