Web design and illustration trends of 2018

It happens so that very often we underestimate the role of illustrations when it comes to some abstract concepts. There are things that can’t be captured on a photograph but still, they are to be discussed, and that is when illustrations come in handy when we think about web design. That is why today we are going to list a couple of the freshest trends for you to be aware of.

  1. Photo-collage

Sometimes it is hard to disclose something with a single picture since there are too many elements to it. That is when a photo-collage comes in more than useful. Of course, all the professional web designers couldn’t let this notion pass their attention.

  1. The crossing of UI and IRL

The thing is that very often the main point of a website is to show how useful it is for people. In most cases, it is required to show that this particular design will bring people together and that is when the combo of UI and IRL merely becomes irreplaceable.

  1. Abstract people

These days the issues of inequality and stereotypes are frowned upon. That is why the web design developers needed to come up with something that will be equally satisfying to anyone, no matter age, sex or nationality. What they came up with are abstracted human forms. We must say that it was a brilliant move.